I’m somewhat certain that Google may be taking over the world, for many reasons, several of which are listed below.

  1. 100 BILLION searches are recorded MONTHLY.
    1. We no longer have questions that go unanswered. We have Google.
  2. More than half of all Google searches originate from mobile devices.
    1. The world is literally in our hands with this search engine.
  3. 50 billion+ websites are indexed on Google currently.
  5. I could go on, but I feel a bit nauseous. I think I’ll stop at $527B.


Taking that .5 trillion dollar scale down a bit, my little corner of the world revolves around Google.  As I’ve sat down to write down a few thoughts on the subject, I’ve realized that my life is on Google Drive, Spreadsheets, G-Cal, most importantly GMAIL, etc. I am 100% dependent on this strange, corporate entity housed in a shiny, beautiful campus in Mountain View, CA, which I’m sure is filled with smiling, brilliant, ant-like, employees scurrying around to ensure the world keeps spinning. Thanks again, Google-people. This got me thinking: Google may be arguably the most important resource I have in my day to day life. Just as I am writing this, there is an add-on that my pals at the Googleplex campus created, or perhaps purchased, to help me sound a bit less moronic with regard to my grammar skills (ILY GRAMMARLY!). Each draft of this blog post is saved every time a new sentence is typed, if not sooner. Google Calendar emailed me this morning reminding me to write this draft for my MARK 4450 blog. WHAT?! They literally know everything about me and my procrastination habits (even though I set reminders… they never let a girl down). They know everything about my peers currently organizing their G-Cals in class right now.  They know quite a lot about the rest of the world’s Type-A, Google-fiends. (“Google-fiend”- I should perhaps get this copyrighted.)

Paid search: Google decides who is relevant online. If you make Google mad, they make your life hell by placing your beautiful and presumably expensive website on page 34 of the search results upon your company’s keyword searches. They rule e-commerce, which is outpacing brick and mortar by growing 300% since 2004 (Jones, Stacy: The NJ). They rule reviews and subsequentially stir the pot that is consumerist America.

They rule the future of business: ANALYTICS, ADWORDS, TAG MANAGER, Oh my! (http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/020515/business-google.asp)

(Also, I feel as if though google is taking over the world simply due to the fact that until yesterday, I didn’t know how to boil an egg, which Google quickly caught me up to speed on.)

Google-pacolypse is upon us, my friends. Amidst my overarching concerns regarding the subject, I’m not that mad about it.  Go google go.






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