West Coast Best Coast?

West Coast Best Coast?

Anyone who dabbles in the marketing industry in any sort of form or fashion knows that there is something to be said for knowing your demographic. Learning to speak to a specific audience is something that I’ve learned to place a high priority on as I am continually learning more about this strange industry. I’ve officially become one of the nerds that subconsciously analyzes every brand that I come across, which I recently come to terms with as I went to LA for spring break.

2500 miles and a quick flight across the states taught me a lot about branding, especially from a social media perspective. Everyone in California (blatantly stereotyping here…) seems to be tan, fit, and very into “vegan” dieting. It clearly works for them. However, amidst all these observations, the thing I noticed most during my quick trip to the west coast is how immensely differentiated the branding was in LA within brands. The bright weather seems to result in brighter promotional design. The love of outdoors clearly attracts open air storefronts and restaurants. The bike paths on the beach were lined with signs pointing people towards different places quite intentionally. The mediums in which brands speak to consumers are different.

A specific instance that I was wildly fascinated by was Uber in LA. I get it. LA naturally results in a larger market for this taxi-concept due to the immense geographic spread of the city. People are more liberal towards many concepts, especially the idea of Uber. Why, you may ask. I attribute it to people seeing it as more eco-friendly than the traditional options, a quick and cheap alternative to driving, and provides an opportunity for a more glamorous experience for many. When calling an Uber in LA, you have what seem to be endless options. UberX for the regular people like myself. UberXL for large groups. Uber Select for premium cars. Uber SUV. Uber black. Uber WAV designed for handicapped individuals making the service more accessible. Uber Espanol, for those who want to be guaranteed a spanish speaking driver. And lastly, UberLUX which guarantees a high end Tesla, Mercedez, or Maserati (?). If this branding that is so differentiated from the Uber available in Atlanta doesn’t tell you the importance of demographics, then I don’t know what will. Atlanta uber: Prius. LA Uber: BMW. This is a vivid example of how different a brand can be across the 2500 miles.
Same company. Same service/product. Different brand.


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