Crushing on Droga5, and I’m Not Ashamed.


After listening to a Tim Ferris podcast recently and reflecting on his infamous “four-hour work week,” a particular question was brought up that stayed with me. “How do we operationalize creativity?” In other words, how do we “work out” our creative mentality to make us more imaginative, insightful, and valuable in every facet of life. While ‘operationalizing’ creativity may be inherently counterintuitive through putting what is clearly outside the box back into a box or (schedule of sorts) once again, I resonated with the concept- apparently enough to write a full agency run down that is knocking this concept out of the park: DROGA5. I believe that this could be a true asset to marketing teams everywhere, as shown by this agency rock star, and challenge them to create the latest, greatest, and most creative work. If there weren’t a choice, but instead these two perspectives, creativity and a set of operations that challenges creativity, could intersect, perhaps an opportunity for growth would result.

Droga5 and the value they deliver is the result of their creative workout of sorts. To highlight my favorite campaign that they have done, I looked into their Diet Coke brand strategy that really shows how they did something unique, but in an operationally effective manner. This brilliant group of alien creatives are the masterminds that are the lead agency behind what I believe to be the nectar of the gods (Diet Coke.)  The message that the Coca Cola brand is hoping to send to their consumers (aka addicts) is simple:

“We can offer you something unique, something that no one else can.” 

Droga 5, of course! This agency not only won AdAge and Creativity’s “Agency of the Year” this year, but they are also well known within the digital/creative agency industry as the group of people who: “explore new disciplines and evolve our existing offerings to best meet our clients’ needs.”

The entire business model upon which they operate is centered around one common strategy: EXPLORATION. They are not stuck in their ways. They are not focused on tradition. They are instead focused on quite the opposite, which earned them the stellar reputation that is so well-deserved. Many speak to the dynamic nature of marketing within today’s business environment, however Droga5 operationalizes this. In other words, they walk the walk. Through pushing themselves to evolve and therefore offer something 110% unique to the client, attention is paid and respect is deserved for these folks.

I had always said that I couldn’t ever define what my dream job would be until completely losing my cool, nerding out, and reading out this niche agency based out of Manhattan (my favorite city on the planet) that is committed to increasing the brand presence of the one drink that I don’t leave my house without one in hand and at least one in my bag. Cheers to aspartame, cheers to Droga5’s brilliance, and cheers to working out your creativity as a marketing professional!

Droga5, please hire me?  -Your #1 fan and *almost* college grad 




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